Exercise Tips to Improve your Health

Do you want to feel better by having more energy and with no health issues to worry about? Perhaps, live longer and have a fuller and healthier life? Exercise is known to have beneficial effects on your health regardless of sex, age, or gender. But where do you start if you have not exercised before?

Best Tips to Improve your Health

Exercise Tips to Improve your Health

—Writing Down Your Exercise Plan

The first thing to do is write down the activity that you plan to do. Like being specific on what days of the week you intend to exercise, the duration, as well as the time. Be realistic about your goals. You cannot do so much exercise initially. It is better to write down on how you want to achieve it – weekends: walk for 30 minutes around the block at 6 a.m. You can then set new goals for the coming week after reviewing on what transpired the previous week. Research have shown that setting goals can make you stick to your exercise plan. It gives you the direction on what you want to do and what your plans are in the future.

— Exercise as a way of life

Make exercise a part of your daily regimen – like using the stairs instead of the elevator. The legwork can do you a lot of good. If you need to park your car on your way to the office, try to park at the farthest end possible so you can do some walking. You can also exercise while sitting at your office table, by doing some stretching and simple exercises. Having a healthy body means having a more active lifestyle: biking, walking, boating, and ball games with friends – can be an alternative to just watching television on the couch all weekend.

—Knowing your heart rate during exercise

You need to keep track of your heart rate during exercise. Some athletes exceed their training during high intensive exercises and their maximum heart rate. This is dangerous. You run the risk too, of exceeding yours if you don’t monitor your heart beat. You can calculate your target heart rate by the used of a stopwatch to count the heart beat per minute. The maximum heart rate (MHR) can be computed by deducting your age from 220. Next, subtract your resting heart rate (done early in the morning) from your MHR to come up with your heart rate reserve (HRR). Your target heart rate is computed by multiplying the HRR by the percentage that you intend to train, say 70 percent.

—Determining your metabolic rate

There are times during exercise when your weight reaches a plateau. You feel guilty about it like nothing is happening anymore. This is oftentimes a result of you losing weight quickly. When this happens, your metabolism rate slows down because your body senses that it is starving. Rapid weight loss can result in metabolism slowing down by as much as 40 percent.


There are many findings that show exercise as the best predictor of good health. It is a miracle cure for major illnesses like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and most cancers. Exercise also prolongs your life. It is free, easy to do, and has an immediate effect on your health. So go out, and exercise!