Cramps Before A Period – Are You Pregnant?

The pain in the belly and some areas of the pelvic has become very natural for women before and during their menstrual cycle.

The discomfort that you feel during your period could be referred to as extremel pains which could be mild or severe.

When it is just mild, you will hardly notice it but when you have severe menstrual cramps, your activities for the day might be affected. It interferes with your activities and even your mood.


This is why you need to know some things about this for you to know how to deal with it.

Primary & Secondary Conditions

Medically, there are two types of this condition. One is referred to as primary and the other is secondary. The first type shows no problem on the reproductive system.

It manifests within six months after your first period.
The second type is a symptom of some underlying problems on the reproductive system of a woman. The physical pain that you will feel for this type will manifest right after your first period and will develop later on.

The pain arises because the lining on the uterus expands in preparation of a probably pregnancy. If pregnancy does not happen, the hormones that are being released will start to decline leading to a swollen uterus which is being replaced in the next cycle.

The breakdown of this lining will release hormones that trigger the contraction of the muscles in the uterus. This will thereby cause the cramps.

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