Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) Explained

UTIs are infections that affect the urinary tract. They result from bacteria. Some people suffer a repeated infection of UTIs.


Women are prone to contracting UTIs. Diabetes increases the risk because it compromises the immune system.

The infection occurs when bacteria from the anus comes into contact with the urethra.

Some practices which contribute the movement of the bacteria towards the urethra include wiping from back to front. Sex also forms part of these practices.

Late treatment can lead to movement of the bacteria to the bladder and kidney.

Repeated Infection

Repeated infection can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. As a result, Chronic UTIs forms.

Symptoms include fever, burning sensation while urinating, pain in the abdomen and feeling exhausted.

Urinary tract infection treatment can be carried out by use of antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Adequate consumption of water is also a remedy.

Control measures include:

-Ensuring you wipe from front to back.
-Keeping the genital area dry.
-Emptying the bladder when you feel like going.
-Using lubricated condoms.
-Cleaning of the genital area before sex.
-Taking showers instead of baths

Please note this information is written by a non-medical professional for informational purposes only, if you are experiencing symptoms of UTI please consult your doctor.

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